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Can I set the scales on a 3D surface plot?

I use a 3D Plot to show a surface illustrating data for my scientist users.  My users are asking me for a way to set the scales for these plots. The way you could, by simply editing the range limits on any normal type of LabVIEW graph.  I see properties available on the property nodes such as, (Active Axis), Range Auto Scale, Range Minimum, and Range Maximum, that look like they should do the job. But in fact, reading these properties gets me numbers that have little or nothing to do with the numbers I see on the actual plot axes, and writing them does absolutely nothing.


A second problem: if I go into 3D Plot Properties to manipulate the graph at edit time, I find that I cannot change out of the Graph panel. Clicking or double-clicking on one of the other panel names does nothing. This has not always been true for me, but I seem to be stuck with it now.


Is this graph type just plain BROKEN? Abandoned from effective maintenance?  Or am I missing a tool that would actually work for me?




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Hi Ken,


You can set the scale either by VI server or property dialog. Make sure you turn off the RangeAutoScale, otherwise it adjusts the scale by input data.


To your second problem, this post might help you,



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