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Can I not show any Front Panels for an executable?

I am building an executeable but I do not want any front panel to be shown. (Minimized on the task bar is ok). I am programming system management programs and the front panel (existing at all) is not needed and should not be displayed. I tried using the "minimize" vi (windows functions). This works but it loads up the panel (visible) and then minimizes it. I want not to see any front panels at all.
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I have the same problem for an active-X server and use the following solution:

Go to VI Properties>> Window apperance and uncheck all the things you do not need like Title bar, scrollbar etc.
Then go to VI Properties>> Window size and set the size to 1 pixel width and height.
Then get the front panel as small as possible.
In your code open a reference to your VI use the Front Panel >> Title property to get the text of the title bar. Then use Hide Window from the windows utility LLB.

The effect you get is the following:
A window with the size 1 to 1 pixel will be opened and be hidden by windows a short time after your code executes. If your PC isn't too slow you will not see it on the screen. One Entry for the LabVIEW RTE will be in the task bar.

Using the windows utilities you have to distribute LVWUTIL32.DLL with your application.

Using 7.1.1, 8.5.1, 8.6.1, 2009 on XP and RT
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