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Can I modify the form of a color ramp (I don't want a square but a heart)

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Hello !


I want to know If we can modify a color ramp, because mine is a square and I want to have a heart.

If no, maybe can I load an image (of a heart) and make it change of color in function of input datas ?


Thanks !

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What is a square color ramp? Typically it is something linear.


Are you talking about an array of colorboxes? Do you want each element to be a heart?


Please show is an illustration of what you want.

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(Sorry for the vocab I'm French)


I join you an image so that you can understand !

On the picture, it is a square, but i want to change the form ... (I want a heart)

If it is not possible, maybe is it possible to change the color of an image (of a monocolor heart with a black shape) in function of input datas ?


Thanks you in advance


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veux tu un coeur?? (I hope it's correct Smiley Wink )


In the attachment is what you want.


How I did it:

 - in Photoshop (you can use something else) i created a picture, crop the middle as a heart, create a new layer and save it as GIF. It is very important to save it as gif because it allows transparent areas of the picture. Saving it as bmp will fill the middle with white.

- open your front panel and drag-and-drop (using the mouse) the created gif file.

- add the "color ramp" (be sure to size it in order to fit to the heart), bring the image to front and send "color ramp" to back (on the toolbar there are some buttons which allow you to set the order of the controls and indicator - front or back)


Now you have your heart. 



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Oh My GODD !!!


THANK YOU !! (and it was correct !)

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