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Can I embed sub-vi's window inside another vi 's window?

 I have one vi - say top vi - uses another vi inside it.  When I run the main vi - one containing the other - it opens two windows, one for itself one for the other.


Is there an option to embed somehow window of any vi contained inside my top vi into the main vi's window, so I have only one ?

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Yes.  It is called a sub-panel.  You put the sub-panel in the main panel, and use some properties and or methods to insert the subVI into that subPanel.

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Thank you for replying.


I tried that, and tried connect the vi i want to embed as static or dynamic, but when I ran the top vi nothing happens - nothing is in the window of the main/top vi , and there is no content inside the sub-vi sub-panel window.


Seems not just simple drag & drop kinda; I  will search for some working example provided, see how much setup is needed to make this work .

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