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Can I do a sampling with a rate of 96000hertz using a sound card?

I have a question about sound card.I supposed to collect signal using a sound card which says supporting a sampling rate of 96000 hertz.But VIs about sound card in Labview can only do sampling with a maximum rate of 44100 hertz.I try to modify the VI,however,it says there are some wrong choiced numerics.
What I want to ask is how can I change the software to adapt to my target.Is that possible?If it is,can someone give me an example?
Thank you very much!
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If I understand correctly, the Sound Card VI's that you are attempting to use are limited to the "normal" sound cards - 44.1kHz sampling. They call a dll which also has that limit. To use your 96kHz sound card you would have to use a different dll. Did the manufacturer supply one?

Les Hammer
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The native LabVIEW sound VIs are limited to the sample rates in the enums. If you want a different sample rate (or more control, or a different format...), you will need to make API calls using the call library node or ActiveX. A search of this forum should point you in the right direction.
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How Can I express my thanks to you!Thank you very much to indicate the problem!I am looking for help about dlls useful for me these days,I know little about these and I have to learn how can I make the sound card work well.
Thank you again!
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