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Can EtherCAT Devices Addresses be static?

I am using NI-Industrial Communications for EtherCAT v21.5 to control a few EtherCAT motor drivers and encoders. However I have a issue with how LV handles changes to the order of the devices in the network: when the daisy chain order changes LabVIEW will udpate the EtherCAT device addresses to reflect that. This is a issue since this breaks any VI's that were reading/writing to the EtherCAT devices before the addresses were changed.


For example if I have three devices - A, B, C and I swap C and A in the daisy chain then C will get address 0 and A wil get address 2. Any code that referenced A in its previous address will no longer work untill it is manually updated to use the "new device" under the master device in the project file. If you revert the change so that the devices are in the orignal order (e.g. A, B, C) with their orignal assigned addresses then the code will work again.


Because of this the whole system is very britle, especially during development. I am wondering if there is anyway to statically assign the device addresses so that the code does not break everytime the daisy chain order is changed?





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This question is best to be posted on Industrial Communications board.


Have you tried to set the address from the Properties window?



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