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Can Citadel save and display a DSC Array? Single variables are ok...


Hello All:


Citadel works well when saving data from individual shared variables

that were created using DSC. I could see the variable update on Citadel.


When these shared variables were changed to a single Array[32]

I do get the correct values on my hardware but

can not see any of the variables on Citadel...database...


I'm using Labview and DSC 2009


By the way I made sure the array is ok as shown here A300001L32


any suggestions...?







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You can save arrays of data into citadel, but trace views consider array data a complex datatype(variant) and cannot be displayed. However, if you were to read the data using read and specify the variant type, you will see that your array data is indeed stored.

Rob K
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National Instruments
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