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Camera and Thermocouple simultaneous acquisition

Hello All,


I am trying to design a VI that allows for 1 picture to be taken every 20 seconds acompanied by a temperature reading from a thermocouple couple at the same instance every picture is taken.  This would be done for an indefinite amount of time.  The pictures would need to be viewable after the run is over.  We are utilizing the NI USB TC-01 thermocouple and the Basler acA1300-30gc camera.  Any and all help is appreciated.  Let me know if I was unclear on anything, or if more information is needed.


Thanks again,


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Too fast for spell check and context errors.

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We do need more information.  For instance, what is your question???  Are you wanting someone to code it for you?  If not, what have you tried?  How are you grabbing the image (Vision toolkit, IMAQ)?  How will you store the data?  How will you view the data after you collect it?


A simple state machine is always a good choice for these types of tests but a dedicated logging program will work fine for such a simple app.  Post whatever code you've started so we can see where you're stuck on this...

LabVIEW Programming : 2015 Pro Dev / NI Vision
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I need a push in the right direction.  I have tried to go through some examples here in the support section, and inside the software itself, to no avail.  My programming skills in LabView are definitetly amateur in nature.  I have IMAQ installed and I can see the camera in the Measurement and Automation explorer.  I am open to storing and viewing the images in whatever method is easiest (no experience here).  The camera is connected via a POE switch, and the thermocouple via usb as mentioned above.

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The examples are agreat place to start.  Check out the VI called for snapping a picture from your camera.  If it shows up in MAX you should see it in the camera name.  Note that uses IMAQdx which is prefered.  If you only have IMAQ check out HL  It's abit lower level but still easy.  


Then check out Thermocouple - SW - Timed  It will read your TC-01 and graph the data and allows you to set the loop time.  You can combine the code and pretty much have your logger (minus the data storage and viewer utility).


See if you can get a picture snapped and read the TC-01 and we can go from there...

LabVIEW Programming : 2015 Pro Dev / NI Vision
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I was able to use the and capture a picture with no issue.


Problems arose when I got to the thermocouple portion.  I have attached screen shots.  Thanks for your help.

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From your thermocouple Manual:


Creating Custom Software
In addition to taking measurements with the NI USB-TC01 Launch Screen,
you can also build custom software for your NI USB-TC01 with LabVIEW
and NI-DAQmx driver software. LabVIEW uses graphical icons and wires
that resemble a flowchart, so you can graphically wire together function
blocks to create your own applications for logging data, alarming,
triggering, reporting, and performing real-time data analysis. To learn
more, select Do More with your NI USB-TC01 from the NI USB-TC01
Launch Screen.


I would be willing to bet that there are LV-sepcific drivers and examples to be found there Smiley Happy

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I've attached the temp logger VI I made, and like I said, I was able to use the snap VI to take a picture.  I need to integrate these two and be able to put a picture to a specific time.  Slowly but surely getting closer to the goal.  Thanks for all input guys.

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Hmmm, I don't use the DAQ Assistant or any Express VIs so it's hard to tell what your problem might be.  I use the TC-01s all the time and they just show up as a Device in the Physical Channel control once they're plugged in.  It should be the same in the DAQ Assistant, you need to tell it what device you want to read.  Did you try the thermocouple examples?  Can you read the TC-01 temperature through MAX?

LabVIEW Programming : 2015 Pro Dev / NI Vision
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I am able to get a picture from the  I am able to get a reading from the thermocouple using the above  I need to:


1) combine the two vi's so they work in harmony and take a picture and temperature every 20 seconds

2) format the time and temp reading to so that it displays in fahrenheit and a HH:MMSmiley FrustratedS type of time ex: 11:35:20 (I currently have the temp logger data being saved into a .tdms file and then am opening excel to convert the file)

3) figure out a way to view those pictures along with their timestamps


Doesn't have to be fancy, just functional!




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