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Calling phyton file in LabVIEW 2014

Good Night Community


I saw that I can call a phyton file (.py)  from LabVIEW, there are anybody that can guide me?, or give a good tutorial or any information?, I saw some information in this page


But the already have the programs and the librarys and they dont explain that parts.

if any body can give me some information i appresiate a lot! 


I want to do a library of a sensor in phyton like we do on arduino, thats the way for use the sensor, well thats the task i want to do, but if anybody have another idea that can help me its welcome, the point its that i want to comunicate my sensor dht11 to my RPI 3 model B, I have already install Linx in my computer, ir anybody know the way to do in Linx its ok for me bur remember this sensor is digital and get temperature and humedity 



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Funnily enough, I have been looking into this over the last few days

I have found this but haven't had a chance to test it yet.


Calling Labview scripts from python:

Python scripts with Labview


Creating a Python Labview Client/Server

Labview Python client server


Hope this helps

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Well, yes... this is a way to call pyton file from lab view, but the thing its that i want to call the file similar with arduino, for example, in arduino if you going to use a sensor DHT11 you upload the library to arduino and used it, but in Raspberry Pi how the RPI know that you are using a DHT11 sensor, or what can you recomend me?.

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