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Calling a vi as a popup subvi

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Hello again ~ new week new question.


Can someone help me see this code?


I don't have an early enough version to see this.


I am trying to use this logic in order to call a full monitoring/alarm page vi as a pop-up that does not interfere with the operations of the main vi. I have both vi's in the lvprog but am having issues trying to call it to the front and then close it. I have tried using a shared variable as a caller and it didn't seem to work for me.


The other issue is when I try to make the alarm page a sub-vi it does not work as the only code interaction with the front panel block diagram is to call it from the main vi. meaning the alarm vi does not have any I/o except what's coming from the FPGA/real-time modules. I tried adding boolean callers to the alarm vi and terminal block but still can't get the vi to respond properly.


If the above link is not the best way to do it in lv2013 that's no problem as I was hoping it would get me on the right path.

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I don't understand how you might be using a shared variable and looking at version 5 code is not the best approach. Look at the examples that come with LabVIEW and do a search for asynchronous. There is the Start Asynchrous Call, Run VI method, Call by Reference with reentrant clones, etc.

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Thanks Dennis.


I thought that might be the response...


I am looking now at how to call a vi dynamically. I will see if I can find the solution there.



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