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Calling LabVIEW vi through ActiveX (from VB)


I have an existing VB application from which I try to call a LabVIEW VI.
There is a nice example in the Comm directory in the LabVIEW examples. I
played with it and everything seemed to work fine. I tryed to redo this
between my own VB application and my own LV vi, but apparently there is a
problem of passing the parameter, I get the message (in VB) there is a
problem on the connector pane. I double-checked spelling, no result. Does
somebody have suggestions where to look for possible errors? (everything
seems to be straight forward)

Second question : can you only call a vi, or can I also build a .exe and
call it with VB, being able to pass parameters?

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When you call a VI via ActiveX, the controls names in the paramnames array list must be on the connector pane, e.g. they are inputs controls that you can wire from a diagram. Also, all inputs that are set "required" on the connector must be set in the paramnames array. Failing to do that will generate connector panes errors.

A built application can also be an ActiveX server. In the application builder settings, check the box to activate the ActiveX server and give it a name, say "myapp". Do not use "labview" of course... In VB you create an reference to your built app using CreateObject("myapp.application")

LabVIEW, C'est LabVIEW

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