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Callback VIs and MAX

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Hi all!

I've made the Advanced Architecture in Labview few months ago. My question is about caalback vis.

I'm trying to open the scale edition window of MAX since a LabVIEW application. In LabVIEW, we can open this windows with a right click on a scale constant:



I think this functionnality is performed by a callback-vi.

How can I open programm the openning of this windows? Typically, the end-user will have a calibration window, for each measurement, and if necessary it will have a "Edit Scale" button to directly open this windows... Is it possible??

Thaks you per advance!

Francis M
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Accepted by topic author Cisco

Sure, these functions are wrapped in the DAQ Assistant, and can be called like a normal VI.  The problem is it is undocumented, and NI may choose to change some way it works, and break code that relies on it to behave a specific way.  That being said here is the code I wrote which can create or edit Channels, Tasks, or Scales.

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Thank you, it's absolutely was I wanted!

Francis M
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