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I am new to LV, after calibrating load cell to get Y = mx + b, how the VI will apply slope and offset to the measurement while acquiring data from load cell. Thank you

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How are you doing the calibration?  Is it something you are doing in MAX?  Or something you want to program into your LabVIEW code?

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I am doing it in MAX, I have 3 load cells, I would like to do it in the program but I need something simple to integrate it to my program. Thank you for reply

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Hi Zack65,


Here is an example of how to data acquisition in LabVIEW with a custom scale.  There are numerous examples on our NI Developer Zone, so always be sure to check it out!  Hope this helps!


DAQmx Acquire with Custom Scale

Taylor G.
Product Support Engineer
National Instruments
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