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Calibration executive

Since there isn't a separate board for Calibration Executive, I am starting here. I have version 3.2 and it worked great on the machine when it had Windows XP SP3. My employer has decided that all machines need to run Windows 7. I have tried to re-install 3.2 and the setup won't even start. I get a message that the operating system doesn't meet minimum requirements and won't load the software. Does anybody have a way to get around this short of purchasing the newest version for big bucks? My employer is hesitate to allow me to continue to run the machine with Windows XP.

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Could you run the software in a Virtual Machine running Windows XP? Presumably you've tried things like compatibility mode?

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Tried the compatibility mode thingy?

It's pretty much a VM that runs inside 7, without all the fluff of a 3rd-party hypervisor.

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I am installing the software as I write this. I downloaded and installed the Virtual PC and XP mode from Microsoft. Thanks for the information. You have been a BIG help.

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I got Cal Executie to install but I am having problems with the drivers loading correctly. Any thoughts?

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The problem I am having is when the installer comes to install the Traditional DAQ (Legacy) Documentation. It says that the installer doen't allow installs to remote desktop connection. I have looked for a link from the Windows 7 to the Virtual PC Windows XP and haven't found any. I thought if I could find one I could install the software in 7 and move it to the XP side. Help!!!! 

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Hi stro1rob,


I think we might be running into this problem because TDAQ isn't supported on Windows 7. If this version of Cal Exec is built on the TDAQ driver, then it is not surprising that we are having issues with compatibility. 


Unfortunately, I think that our only option is to update to a version of Cal Exec that is built on DAQmx instead of TDAQ, or revert back to Windows XP. The earliest version of Calibration executive that is supported on Windows 7 is Cal Exec 3.5. 




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OK, then where can I find 3.5 on the website. I have been searching for for about an hour and I can't find it listed anywhere. In fact Cal Exec isn't listed as a software product on the web site.

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If you are interested in purchasing Cal Exec, you should get in contact with your sales rep! You can contact them by calling 800.433.3488.

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hi everybody, can somebody please share the calibration executive software :smileysad: i lost my back up :smileysad: please !!!

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