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Calibrating PCI-MIO-16E 4


As I want to use my DAQ-card in combination with some calibrated
transducers, I was wondering if anyone has any idea about how to calibrate a
PCI-MIO-16E 4 DAQ-card. This card and transducers are then used in
performing a calibrated test, in case a Notified body is involved in
declaring our machine is conform specifications.

Of course NI can sell me some software and in combination with a FLUKE 7400
a calibration can be performed, but I was wondering if there's a cheaper
way. Maybe someone wrote some LabView VI for this purpose perhaps?

Any help is welcome.


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You could try placing a known loas on each transducer and take a reading at
several points then draw a curvefit. This would be a reading -vs- load graph.
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