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CSV sumation

Looking for a simple way to add all columns or rows of a csv file. Indexing would be challenging because there are over 100 columns. Any ideas on where to start?


Attached is example spreadsheet. I would delete the first two columns (ScanNum and Timestam).



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Read Delimited Spreadsheet File reads a CSV file into LabVIEW as a 2D Array.  Can you do that?


Your data are a mix of Characters (first two cells) and Integer (no decimal point) numbers.  You probably don't want the first row and first two columns.  If you treat the data as though it were text, you'll end up with an array of strings having 1420 rows and 77 columns (if I counted on my fingers correctly).  Do you know how to delete rows and columns from an Array?


You now have an array of strings all representing numbers, and you need to change it (I presume) to all numbers.  Do you know how to change a String (representing a number, e.g. the string "123") into a number (e.g. 123)?


If you don't know how to do any of these things, go back to the LabVIEW Tutorials and pay attention when these topics are discussed.


Bob Schor



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Should have attached this first






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