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CMYK colors mixing icon or vi

Thank you Greg-H


but I have three values of C,M,Y and K. How can I use the framed color box to find the resultant color of these four values?


I went to the site for the formulas to find the volume. but I did not recognize the equations there....(Note) I do not want use RGB color model just CMYK

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I am waiting

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Be patient.  It is the weekend.


Have you tried searching a little more to find the formulas?



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yes I tried much but no result Smiley Sad

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I found these specific links on the first page of results.


Smiley Surprised

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hellow Ravens Fan


I do not want the formula to convert RGB to CMYK, I want a formula the convert the values of CMYK or (RGB) to voltages used in DAQ to specify the level  (volume) of liquid needed to drop the liquid from the tank. and how to show the color results from the values of CMYK using any of laview icons.

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That is not what you've been asking at all!


There is no way anyone on this forum can help you with that.  That is something very specific to the hardware you are dealing with.  You will need to talk to the provider of the hardware to see if there is any kind of calibration data that will correlate a voltage to a volume of ink.

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thank you Ravens, sorry I add my question
my main question is does laview have any icon to display the mixed color of cmyk values?
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There is a color box control/indicator that is part of the numeric palette.  It takes a color value in U32 and displays it.


There is a function called RGB to color that takes the RGB values of a color and displays the color.


With those, all you will need is to do the conversion from CMYK to RGB to be able to feed those values into the function.

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