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CMT's S2VNA initialization issue.

Hello, I created a LabVIEW driver with LabVIEW 2023 (64-bit) for CMT S5048 Vector Network Analyzer in windows11. 

During testing of the driver I am getting "error -200 occurred at an unidentified location" which is related to CMT Initialize. It shows that I can resolve the issue by turning on the analyzer or giving power to the instrument or connecting USB properly and so on. Unfortunately I did all the checkups to resolve the issue even though I am getting the same error and I had been to the LabVIEW's error chapter but -200 error code is not available. Can you please let me know how I can come out of this issue?

Thank you.

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Do you know if the CMT's drivers are supported on Windows11?


Better to check with CMT for support as the error originates in their driver VIs.

Soliton Technologies

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Hello, thank you for the response.

Finally I am able to solve the issue. 


I have another issue regarding the encoder. I have an encoder (built by myself) . I bought different parts from different organizations.

Now I want my labview software to read the encoder but I don't have suitable drivers for that. My encoder is a rotary motion encoder with an absolute interface.

Additional info: In the PCB circuit board I used the IC controller "PIC17C44-16 I/P L715 9848 SAN" from MicroChip.


Thank you.

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