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CLIP doesn't support .xci files created by old version of Xilinx

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I am trying to use the Ethernet based reference architecture for USRP Rio.

But I'm unable to compile its FPGA VI due to the following error:


Component-level IP (CLIP) does not support the following .xci file, because this file is created by an old version of Xilinx compilation tools.

C:\Users\user\Desktop\USRP_RIO_Ethernet - v1.0\USRP\CLIP\10GbE\ten_gig_eth_pcs_pma_0.xci

Component-level IP (CLIP) supports only .xci files created by Vivado 2017.2.


I've got LabVIEW2019 and Vivado 2017.2 installed on my system, but I don't know how to regenerate that .xci file using Vivado 2017.2




Please advice.



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Accepted by topic author BeeRio

I would try to:

  • create with Vivado 2017.2. a new (empty) project with the exact part that is inside your NI rack.
  • add your IP in this project, Vivado will certainly try to update it (well, if your IP is from a newer Vivado version, it is a problem)
  • compile the IP ("Generate Output Products", ...)
  • include the IP in LabVIEW2019

But I am not familiar with LabVIEW.

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Thanks tcachat for your suggestion, the problem seems to have been resolved.


As you suggested, I installed Vivado 2017.2. Fortunately, I happened to found the latest IP within the IP catalogue. So I generated outputs for that IP and it produced the latest .xci file I needed.


I added the updated IP file in LabVIEW and the error was gone.

Thanks again.

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