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CLD sample answer ATM is overblown?

Attached is the  CLD exam ATM sample answer from NI. I read here that it is overblown:


Hearing people say there is not enough time for the CLD exam, I need all the KISS ideas I can get.


But.. how is the ATM sample answer overblown? Below is what I noticed, what is your opinion?


1. The Batch Enable Controls subvi can be replaced with straight forward properties node functions for each control.....but that would make a clutter of property node boxes...


2. The many event structures can be replaced with about 8 selector functions and route to different states case structures ....making it a synchronous simple state machine....but that's just replacing event structures with case structures, doesn't make it simpler....?


3. The Get Message subvi looks ok, make things clean....?


4. The "Enter" event structures can be made simpler without that Manage Current Function subvi functional global .....?


5. That Manage Account subvi looks quite necessary.....?

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Well, all the sample exams (ATM, Traffic Light, ....) you might find are just examples, they show one possible solution (even if it's not the best, like the other thread you pointed too).

For my opinion, the best preparation is to program it once by yourself. And yes, the ATM is quite time consuming since there is lot's of text to implement, but the functionality itself is quite easy though.

I had to do the ATM at my CLD exam and used a simple statemachine as framework, some SubVIs for File-IO and a FGV (of course non-reentrant) for all the timing.

So use the easiest way to implement the functionality, don't waste time for some fancy constructs or frameworks, use it for documentation instead.


Just my two cents



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