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CLD exam- Wire bends/overlaps

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Thanks for the conceptual idea

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@Melchizedek24 wrote:

In the above mentioned example, innstead of 3 shift registers, can we club them into a songle cluster and pass down as a single line? would it look good if it is used as a cluster?

Yes, that is done a lot.


I'd prefer a class for each 'cluster' of items that fit together. That way, I can enforce the encapsulation of the clustered data, and have all methods on the cluster contained in the class.


But don't do OO on a CLD unless you're very comfortable with it.


A cluster will do.


You probably want to make it a type def (right from the start). There will probably be a few cases (assuming you're doing a state machine of some sort) with constants of the cluster, and a type def will update them automatically. 

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Thanks for your valuable feedback.

I am sorry that i am not able to follow one of your statements: "Dont do OO on a CLD". Can you enlighten me what is OO please?

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OO = Object Oriented, i.e. using a LabVIEW class (.lvclass) file instead of a cluster.


While LabVIEW classes can be great, they shouldn't be needed on the level of coding a CLD will ask for.

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