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CEF - Extract class information from configuration xml file

So I am trying to understand the Configuration Editor Framework (CEF), and I have been playing around with the hierarchical project template. I don't know if this will fit my needs better than the "normal" configuration editor project, but in the CEF description they mention that most projects would benefit from the hierarchical template 


I have run the project, added a group and a few channels to the cRIO, given them all on-generic names and property values, and saved it as an xml file. My goal is to extract the information from the xml file in a separate VI in the same project (vi is attached). I am able to open the UI of the root node in the subpanel, and I can see the non-generic System Name in there. But how do I access the information in the main VI? I tried to do some casting to more specific VI, which (obviously) did not work. 


What also confuses me a great deal (and it is perhaps a related problem), is the the GetConfiguration methods of all the child classes of the serializable node (group, channel, crio) cast the configuration to a the type of the parent class (see attached screenshot). Why would each class have its own function, when they all do the same as the parent? It seems that it prevents me from accessing the data held by the configuration that is specific to i.e. the crio class (if I i.e. decide to add an IP string to the crio configuration)? 


Hope you can help. There does not yet seem to be a lot of documentation on CEF.

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