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CDAQ mod 9217 RTD sample rate low

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I have a cDAQ 9174 with a three RTD readers, NI-9217 modules.  It takes about a second to do a reading.  


I am creating a task with the DAQmx create channel, and am reading it with DAQmx read.  It is set up such the the DAQmx task is exicuted once, and the DAQmx read is in a loop.  I'd like to read all 12 channels in one task quickly using the DAQmx task.  The 9217 is rated for 400 S/s. Hence 12 channels should take about 30 ms, but even 300 ms will be acceptable to me.


Any thoughts 

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Hello HVAC_master,

If I understand your question correctly you would like to know how to setup the task such that you can read from all 12 channels. So, basically when you want to setup multi-channel read you have to set up the DAQmx task in the following manner:


If you look at the purple box, that's how you would need to setup multiple channels. Also would you like to read these channels in finite mode or continuous mode?



Jig P

Best Regards,
Jignesh Patel
Senior RF Systems Engineer
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Accepted by topic author HVAC_master



Sorry for not responding to my own question or recalling it.  



The 9217 samples in high resolution and high speed modes which sample at 5 Hz and 400 Hz respectivly.  If using MAE (Meas and auto. explorer.) there is a pull down menu on the 2nd tab, however to set it to high speed using DAQmx, a channel node must be invoked and changed to write.  left click on the bottom left |> of the channel and select (Analog input>> General properties>> Digitizer/ADC>> Timing Mode).


Phone tech support helped me.  Service # 7320147 , Perry Seale .



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