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CDAQ Change Detection

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Where can I find out which CDAQ modules are capable of change detection? I can't find anything on the subject in NI website.


The 9401 seems to be capable because when I add a simulated version in a simulated 9178 chassis this module lines become available in a channel constant connected to the physical channel input of the DAQmx set to Change Detection.



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Hi ben64,


The NI 9401 does support digital change detection. For a list of supported hardware, and more details about this subject, you can read about it at the link below. 

Digital Change Detection in NI-DAQmx


Hope this helps!


By the way: This seems like a multifunction DAQ question, so I would recommend posting on our DAQ forums in the future. 

Multifunction DAQ


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Thanks, I was looking for such a document that listed hardware supporting change detection but could not find any.



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