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CANopen: the PC doesn't communicate with the motor controller

Hi there,


I'm new with both Labview and CANopen and I'm trying to write a RXPDO on my Linmot motor controller(VI attached). I'm using a PCI CAN Series 2 card. 

My VI worked just once ; I was able for example to move the motor with the JOG commands. 


Now the VI runs without errors but any control word is not really sent to the controller.


Sometimes (don't know why!!) after the CANopen create, the interface object results "Not executed" but even when it is regularly executed, the motor doesn't receive the command.


Can anyone help me to solve this problem? 






NOTE: the linmot controllers need the count nibble to be incremented for each new command; I've set the auto-increment using the linmot software. 

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Hi Loura,


thank you for your suggestion. Unfortunately I already know those labview VIs, they are well developed but they don't run over the CANopen protocol.


I think the problems I'm having in using my controllers with Labivew and CANopen could depend on the fact that the LV canopen library are not intended for use with the latest version of Labivew (which is the version I'm actually using).


(It's the only explanation I have for strange behaviours dealing with open / close / reset can objects)





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Hello Alessandra.

I'm actually using the CANopen Labview Library on Labview 2012 SP1 and on Veristand 2012 SP1 with a real time PXI.


You have to configure the linmot controller (using linmot talk) first. 

The CAN-bus needs its 120hom resistances to work.


After that, you should be able to home yours actuators.





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