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CANopen communication over TCP/IP

The NI Modbus Library makes it possible to implement the MODBUS protocol through COMPORT or over the TCP/IP. I would like to implement the NI CAN or the NI CANopen communication through a COMPORT (VISA connection) or secondary through TCP.

Can anyone purpose solutions to that challenging task?

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There are TCP-IP<->CAN converters that also support modbus, so you can talk modbus TCP towards these.


The NI CAN does not hold any functions for the frames itself, this is all done through a call function library node, so creating the frames itself manually would be the only option I could think of.


If anyone else has additional information, please answer, have recently actually stumbled upon the same issue.

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However written for FPGA & RT, some research led to this - this holds some CANOpen functions for LV without the NI CAN frame API, if any helpful


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