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CAN Frame API to Channel API conversion library for Labview 2010 or higher

Hello all,


can anyone give me the link or files for CAN Frame API to Channel API conversion library for windows 2010. I have CAN Frame Channel Conversion library 1.0.3 but it gives me warnings that VI loading path is different than expected because I am using LabView 2010.



thanks in advance

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sorry one mistake..........I need it for LabVIEW 2010 NOT windows 2010

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Yeah don't use that library.  It is very out dated, will not be updated, and has known bugs which NI isn't conserned with.  The reason they aren't conserned with it is there is an alternative that works much better within XNET.  The XNET drivers talk to XNET hardware, but even if you don't have the XNET hardware you can use the drivers.  The drivers can do similar frame to channel/channel to frame conversions and is continually updated.


The latest XNET drivers still support 2010.


If you do choose to continue using the old library it should still work even if the VIs are loaded from an unexpected location just perform a save all after they all load.

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Ok..............thanks for the reply............Will there be any problem in future if I use this old library? Does this NI XNET driver software has inbuilt FrameToChannel or vice a versa conversion libraries?

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There isn't any problem, until there is one.  If your code works fine and you aren't experiencing any issues then there isn't a problem.  But as soon as you find some bug or unexpected function, don't expect it to be patched in the next version of the library because there won't be another version.  NI will surely help troubleshoot your problems, but the solution they may come up with is to recommend using the newer XNET conversion.


I don't think it is a straight forward as the old library to go from frame to channel and back, but the same functionality is there.

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