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CAN Bus, ARINC 825.

Hello All,


I am trying to understand the communication between ARINC 825 and NI LabVIEW through a NI PXIe.


I want to know what is the appropriate model to be used and to establish the communication. 


I also came across that NI Xnet driver doesn't support ARINC 825.


Kindly suggest best ideas. 



S. Karthik 

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While ARINC 825 is based on CAN, it is a rather specific implementation model on top of CAN for the aeronautic industry. I'm not familiar with ARINC 825 but suspect that XNET would be flexible enough to implement it on top of that.


It's just that you do not really want to do that yourself, such as that it makes not a lot of sense to develop CANOpen or Restbus all yourself. Your best bet might be and their CompactPCI modules, but there might be problems with using their CompactPCI modules in a PXI chassis, even though they are related standards.


Rolf Kalbermatter
Averna BV
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Hi Rolf Kalbermatter,


Thank you for the document you have shared. I will go through it and notify you accordingly. 


Thanks for the help.



S. Karthik 

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