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C series module channels won't show up

We have currently switched from a CRIO, to a single board rio for this project.  I had 2 c series (9237) modules hooked up and running on the Crio.  After I switched to the single board rio, I can get the modules to show up, but the indivual channels will not.  They will not show up in MAX, or in the project explorer.   I installed all appropriate software for the SRio, and added new libraries to the project.  All seemed to be fine except the analog input channels.  The modules themselves show up, but no luck on getting the individual modules to show.  I tried re-booting the board and evertything.  Thoughts? 
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Hi MechHead,


Were you using the 9237 I/O channels in FPGA mode or Scan Mode?  Scan Mode is not currently supported on Single-Board RIO, so that type of I/O is not directly portable to Single-Board RIO.  If you were using the FPGA to access your I/O, then you shouldn't have any issue getting your I/O to appear in the LabVIEW project.  When using RIO, there isn't a way to show/test I/O channels in MAX for CompactRIO or Single-Board RIO.  You need to build an FPGA VI to access the I/O or use Scan Mode and the Distributed System Manager if you are on CompactRIO.


Can you post a screen shot of your CompactRIO project with the targets expanded so we can see how you were using the I/O modules in your initial project?  Once we see that, it will be clear if you were using Scan Mode or FPGA mode and we can see what is the next step to getting your I/O available.



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