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C# and LabVIEW - running C# form in background


Hello everyone,


I am opening in Labview a C# form, by using .NET constructor and Show display() method. I would like to realize the following:

To use a state machine, in a first step open the form and then, after pressing a special button on the Form (for ex. a Start button), going back to LabVIEW and doing the next steps of the state machine.

This would mean, that the C# program runs actually in background, while the other states of the machine are executed. Is something like that possible?

With/without state machine? Or any other idea?





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Hi Ussr123,


maybe you could build a dll from your C# code and call it from LabVIEW using the Call Library Function Node. This node ensures that he LabVIEW code does not proceed to execute when the DLL function is active.




Best regards,
Melanie Eisfeld
Senior Applications Engineer, National Instruments Germany
Certified LabVIEW Developer
Certified TestStand Architect
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