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Building vi with labview pda module

When I attempt to build an application using LabVIEW PDA module, I am prompted to activate the product.  After I click to go ahead and activate, I get the message, "There are no licenses on your machine that need to be activated."  Everything seems to be installed and activated correctly.  We also got the same result on a second computer.


I am attempting to install an old project on a new Windows 7 PC.  The version of LabVIEW is 7.1.  We have followed the recommendations for installing the old software on a new PC.  The LabVIEW server code seems to work fine, but the PDA client cannot be built to deploy on the Windows Mobile devices.  


Any suggestions?

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Hi jtrout,


You may need to go into License Manager and make sure that the necessary software is showing as activated. Also, try running it as administrator or in compatibility mode in Windows.

David C
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We found that the license file was missing altogether, even though the installation process seemed to be working correctly.  We installed the software on an old XP computer, copied the license file from that computer, and moved it over to the Win7 machine.  Then we ran License Manager, and we could go through the activation process.  So that essentially resolved my post.


The software still won't activate, but that's a different problem with NI having trouble activating the old serial number and old software.  Eventually, the system needs to be rebuilt from the ground up using SQL and .net programming.  The old PDA module would be nice to have so that we can rebuild the existing application with a few very minor changes. 

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