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Building application creates multiple unwanted folders

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I still don't understand why I can't use Append Table to Report.  I use New Report to create the report, I want to append a table to that new report by using Append Table to Report.......I don't understand what you mean when you say there isn't anything to append to....I just used New Report to create a new report.  I don't see anything else that specifies any other report.  The new report I'm creating is the report I want to specify!


Anyway, I already did post my project several hours ago. I think it might be in my next post.



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Hello Jesse,


The project you posted does not include all your application dependencies. Your zip folder also does not include all the required source code. It seems some VIs are missing from a "LabVIEW Files" folder on your desktop. I recommend explicitly including these dependencies in your project, instead of LabVIEW identifying them automatically. This makes sharing your application source much easier.

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Sorry, I didn't notice I was using other VIs from another location.  I've included those into my current project and zipped up.  All of the other dependicies look like they should be in the main LabVIEW directory that everyone has by default right?


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Accepted by topic author Jesse_Larsen

To help with anyone else having this same issue, another LabVIEW tech found the solution to this.  In my project build properties, under the Advanced tab, there is an option "Use LabVIEW 8.x file format" that was selected.  Unselecting this option stops these extra folders from being created.  It possibly was selected by default maybe because the project was very old and created before or during LabVIEW 8 versions.

Thanks everyone for trying to help out!

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Dear All..


The Above issue(Multiple unwanted folders creation)  is happening in my Project too, after adding HTML Report generation tool.


As guided above 

==>deselected  "Use LabVIEW 8.x file format" ,(don't know other any issue if i deselect this)

and added NIReport.llb, Standard Report,

Success !!!! then auto generation of folders is not happening 🙂 

But  the immediate problem am facing is 😞

==> After creating executable dynamically calling vi is not working (error 1003)

"Then Dynamically calling vi replaced with direct VI and renaming Dynamically calling deleted for the trails. EXE worked fine..

All the VI which is calling by dynamically is included in "Source File"=>"Always included"

My projected in earlier it was in 6.1 then gradually converted to 2015,It is very old program lot of places using dynamically call. So too difficult to replace the Dynamic calling in entire project.


Kindly give the solution

Thanks and Regards




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