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Builder fails.

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What can I do about this error?  I made a mass compile and got some errors. I replaced error.llb under vi.lib\utility that the compiler said was bad. 

Later on I tried to make a Build but got this error. Tech support? I bought this Labview for 2 month ago...However, It perhaps an easy thing to fix?



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  • Can you give a bit more context?
  • What did you masscompile and why?
  • What was the original error? ("bad" is not descriptive).
  • You said you replaced something. Replaced with what?
  • What are you trying to build (exe, dll, source distribution, etc.).
  • Have you tried repairing the LabVIEW installation instead of randomly messing with system folders manually?
  • Is this LabVIEW 2020? 32bit or 64bit?
  • What toolkits and drivers do you have installed. Any third party toolkits/drivers?

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Accepted by topic author TakeANap

I was in a hurry making some updates via Teamviewer in a project I delivered a few days before. I needed to make an EXE-file quick.  I have never had any problems with that before but this time the builder complained about some VI in error.llb. "**bleep**" I thought. "This is not happening!".  I made a masscompile on the whole project folder. I got more or less the same information. Some problems with error.llb. 

I checked the error.llb and saw that it had an new time from this morning. In panic I saved the error.llb to a new name and copied error.llb from my own computer (same installation, same version). Later on, the builder gave me the same error U can see in the pic. I switch back to original error.llb and tried again. Same error. 


It was no time for repair the installation. I downloaded the sourcecode to my computer, made a build and send the EXE back. 
It worked. I made a demonstration and the clients was happy. They took down the computer and sent it abroad.  


I know that they want to make more updates after a week in production so I must have this LV 2020 installation working. You gave me an idea. Repair...


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