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Build waveform from discrete points

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Hello all


I am trying to make a custom signal generator with the possibility of an arbitrary waveform. 

I have a graph with some cursors on it you can move around as you like (only in the Y direction, not the X) From these points I would like

to create a "soft" waveform, that is a waveform with lets say 500 points so the edges isn't so rough. I have attached some pictures showing what I

have and what I would like 🐵 (I have the discrete and I would like a waveform smoothness like the output)..

I tried to mess around with FIR filter, interpolation, spline functions but I don't think it is the way to go because of the low amount of datapoints I have to start

with, but maybe these functions could be a step two in the process?!

This curve is something the user is going to draw each time he starts the program, that's why I am kind of limited to around 10-20 points max to create a waveform

like the one in the picture.


Hope you understand my problem and are able to help. 🙂






Running LabVIEW 2009 32bit SP1 on Windows 7 64Bit
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I saw the effects of the Cubic Hermite Spline Fit durring a demo and told myself "I should rember that one" for those cases where other fits give weird ringing type effects nears steps. So I never got around to using it but at least I rembered it.


I hope that helps you,



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Hello Ben


Thanks for your input, I'll give it a try.


Have a nice day




Running LabVIEW 2009 32bit SP1 on Windows 7 64Bit
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Accepted by topic author tombech

here is my try... My quick input was an array of slider 😉


 If you run it in a loop the operator get's a direct feedback.

Why you don't like  splines? 


Sidenote: If you choose  coerce for interpolation, you have a Pisa like impression 🙂


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Thanks to both for good answers!!


Henrik: I don't mind spline functions, I just though it would require more points then what I had, but I see it works great.

Nice little example you made there, thanks a lot it works great!!!!


Have a nice weekend, I know I will now 🙂




Running LabVIEW 2009 32bit SP1 on Windows 7 64Bit
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