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Build process hangs. Re-install resolves. Cycle repeats.

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Hi All,


Once every 3-4 months or so (sometimes sooner... sometimes later), I find myself having to re-install LabVIEW due to the build process slowing down.  On a fresh install of LabVIEW (2017), the build process for my application takes about a minute or less.  After a few builds, even though the updates are relatively minor, the build process will begin hanging up on "Initializing build...".  It starts off hanging for a minute or two before the bar starts to move.  A few builds later, it will hang for 10-20 minutes.  Eventually it will start hanging for close to an hour.  Once the bar finally starts to move, it still only takes a minute to complete the build.  If I re-install LabVIEW, the issue is resolved and I am back to one minute builds... and the cycle repeats itself.  What could I be doing to cause this and how can I prevent it?




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Hi J.New,
I don't know why it's taking so long, but you could try cleaning the build and clearing the compiled object cache next time it gets slow.
Clean the build: Right click on the build spec >> clean
Clear the object cache: Tools >> Advanced >> Clear compiled object cache
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After clearing the compiled object cache, the build got past initializing quicker, but then got stuck on compiling and eventually failed with errors.  Then I ran a mass compile and it resolved everything.  I'm not sure if mass compile did it alone or a combo of the three, but it is back to normal now and I don't have to re-install so I'm happy. 





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