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Build Error in Labview 8.6

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Hello All,


I am building and exe from a Vi that includes and uses the report generator. Even though the exe appears to build sucessfully I keep getting an warning and errors (see attached file). 


Even though the Vi functions as expected on my build machine, the EXE and application does not function as expected on a 2nd labmachine (no reports are generated). I suspect that the application did not work because of the errors I am experiencing during the build. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling report generatonbut that did not help.


Any help or suggestions is appreciated.




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Hi Owen,

did you see this KB:


Hope it helps.


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Hello Mike,



Thank you kindly for your information, however can you shed some light on why the application did not generate the report when installed on another lab machine? are there some necessary inclusins that I'm missing.


Thank you.


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Hi Owen,

maybe the application found the missing vi's on your development pc, because they are there, but not on the other machine. Did you also see this link:



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 Are you using any of the Microsoft specific generation tools? If so, do you have Microsoft Office installed on that machine?



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Accepted by topic author OwenC

Hello Guys,


Thanks for your help, I followed Mike's 2nd link and added the Excel Dynamic Vi to the application build. That solved the problem of generating the report.


One quick note, My vi was found at C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 8.6\vi.lib\addons\_office\_exclsub.llb instead of the directory in Mikes reference. It may me beacuse I have been migrating from Labview 8.5



Thank again for your help



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