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Build Error 1003: The VI is not executable

I get the following Error when building a VI as an executable:

Error 1003 occurred at ABAPI Dist Chg and Save -> ABAPI Dist Build LLB -> ABAPI Copy Files and Apply -> -> -> -> ->

Possible reason(s):

LabVIEW:  The VI is not executable.

I attached a LV project with the VI which causes the error. I made a test-VI which only consists of an error in, an error out and a SubVI. When building the SubVI for its own, the build is successful. When building the test-VI, I get the error.

Can somebody help me out?
Thanks, Dave
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I just tried building your executable on my machine and didn't have a problem so it looks like the problem is specific to your system.

This error has been known to happen when building a VI which contains a subVI containing a shared variable. Have you upgraded to the 8.0.1 patch? This behaviour has been logged and is being looked into by R&D.

Some potential workarounds are as follows:
1. Check the "Enable debugging" option in the "Advanced Category" of the application executable properties
2. Disable the "Remove Panel" option for all SubVIs containing Shared Variables in the build
3. Try unchecking the "Disconnect type definitions and remove unused polymorphic VI instances" options also in the Advanced category of the executable properties (see jpeg attached for print screen)
4. Move shared variables to the top level VIs and pass the data through the SubVI connector

If you aren't using the 8.0.1 patch, there are a number of other scenarios that can result in this error. Use the following Knowledge Base to troubleshoot this error and let me know how you get on:

Kind regards

Applications Engineer | National Instruments | UK & Ireland
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