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Bug with Data Entry Limits properties

When setting programmatically the Data Entry Limit (e.g. maximum range) the value of the control is coerced (response is set to coerce). This is not supposed to be since Entry Limits are only for FP entry.

Checked in 7.1 and 8.6


Message Edited by JeanPierre on 05-12-2009 05:24 PM

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Take a look at this bug report which is reported here which points to the message thread here.


I'm not sure if what you found is a new bug, or a side effect of that other bug.


Please post your VI saved in LV 7.1 (saves a bunch of people from creating it from scratch.)  It would be worth checking it in some other versions including 8.6.1.

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I've read that thread before posting and it does not seem related except they are both about Entry limits.

The VI is attached.


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I agree.  This seems like a bug.  I checked in 8.6.1f1 on my home PC and it does just what you say.


I also tried to see if the problem occurred on the other end of the range in setting values greater than the Max and then resetting the minimum.  And it seemed to behave similiarly.  I can only save that back to 8.0  Here is that modification.


I'm a little surprised no one has stumbled across this before if you say it's been around since at least 7.1  We'll see if an NI person takes a close look and agrees it's a bug and will submit a CAR# for it.

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This is one of those gray areas.  I'm sure if it was changed so that programaticaaly changing ranges didn't coerce the control value to be in range, people would be saying that's a bug.  It behaves as if I change the data limits entry via the GUI.  I can still set the value programatically outside of the range.  As your example shows, if you want to change the limits, you need to reset the value.


My guess is that NI is comparing the new limit to the old and doesn't actually do anything if they are the same.  Which is why your last limit change doesn't change the value.


I can see NI saying this is expected behavior.

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That behavior is inconsistent. Sometimes setting limits does coerce in limits, sometimes it is does not, depending of the previous limit values... That is a bug for me.

If I want to change the limit only, I have to reset the value because sometimes it is coerced.

If I want to change the limit AND coerce the value, I have to coerce the value explicitly because sometimes it is NOT coerced.

The actual behavior is useless since I always have to reset the value after a change in limits to be sure it is the value I want.

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Thanks for pointing out this inconsistent behavior.  I have submitted a CAR to R&D regarding this (CAR ID# 166947).  We'll have to see what they say about what part of this behavior is expected and what part is a bug. 



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I'm asking another related issue that seems strange to me.

Why limits are not accessible via property node programmatically (control reference), but they are with "direct" property node?

see image



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Your control reference is not specific enough.  It is of the generic control class.  you need to use "To More Specific Class" to get it to a numeric reference.
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