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Bug in cursor line style doc and setting

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The graphical cursor properties clearly show 9 styles (none + 8 others). However, the documentation says valid numbers are 0-4. I've tested, and the other numbers work, but the orders in the numbers do not match the order in the GUI.


Can anyone else confirm? I'm trying to programmatically set the cursor line styles...numbers 0-3 match the GUI, but there are differences in 4-8.



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Oh, and the point styles (and other options I think) go left to right, top to bottom. If anything is fixed, I'm hoping that this pattern is preserved.

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You are confusing cursor style with line style.



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I just checked, and I'm writing to the property, with 0-8, from left to right and top to bottom. Maybe I have something else screwed would make sense though since it would be odd for a bug to exist there...

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I found the issue...if you use plot properties, cursor tab, add a cursor, and view the cursor setting, the styles are different from the display method described where you add a cursor in the palette, right click on it, attributes, cursor style. I guess I can only trust the data from the cursor palette? I guess I assumed they would be the same since the point styles are the same.

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Accepted by topic author CanadaGuy

I'll close this with the following picture and comment. The cursor styles presented in the left part of the image are in a difference order than the styles in the right image. To be fair, the documentation refers to the right image method to programmatically control the cursor style. I build my list box with the left image method. I just think it would make more sense that they match up.


cursor styles.png

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Thanks for posting the picture.  I had never come across the dialog you show on the right hand picture and I agree you found a bug in how things don't agree.


Just to further document, what version of LabVIEW do you see this in?  I see it in LabVIEW 2017.  I haven't checked any of the others I have installed.

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I'm only using 2017 64bit, so I don't have any other reference.

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