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[Bug] Type Definition element names not updated inside Property Node

I discovered another LabVIEW bug:


Description: in LV2020, when you have a typedef-ed cluster, a change to the element names does not propagate inside the class property nodes containing this type definition.


Example: with a cluster containing 1 element named "OLD NAME", which I later renamed "New Name".

Result: the property node still outputs the old name, while a direct call to the accessor VI gives the updated name:




To narrow down the bug: it appears when only the typedef element names are changed. Any change to the element orders or data types will update correctly the property nodes.


Situation: I'm using EasyXML to store a cluster config, so element names are important. I cannot use the accessor VI directly because my class is wrapped into a DVR, so I can only use property nodes.


Find attached my example project to reproduce the bug in LV2020.

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