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Bug - Explain error dialog

I just came across a bug while using the search online function in "Explain Error" dialog.


When you click the link e.g. when displaying error 7 it navigates the browser to the follwoing link:"error 7"/


This link doesn't render any search results. The search box contains  "error 7" with quotes. Removing the quotes does render results.


Either the bug is in LabVIEW or in the website search function.

André (CLA, CLED)
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I have to confess that I was never curious enough to click on that link.  It's fails probably because not that a while back, NI did a massive overhaul of their website and tons of links got broken (and eventually redirected), but probably this one never did.  It was an oversight, I'm sure, because no one bothered to report it.

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Funny that the error for File not found results in a Webpage not found. 😄

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