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Buffered ring acquisition with IMAQ 1394 2.0 (beta)


the IMAQ 1394 low level buffer access topic comes up again. National Instruments promised that low level buffer
access will be feasible in the 2.0 (beta) version of the IMAQ 1394 driver. However, I still encounter problems.

I want to run a continuous ring acquisition. The ring shall consist of 40 buffer cells. I configure the acquisition
using IMAQ 1394 configure and wiring "40" to "number of buffers" and "continuous" to "continuous?".
If I am testing the ring, it appears that the ring only has 20 buffer cells. After an image had been written into cell
no. 19, the next image is written into cell no. 0 and not into no. 20.

Is there a maximum number of buffer cells implemented? In the online help, nothing is written about such a fact. In
addition, the help statements are quite puzzling. There they write:

Use the Continuous? and Number of buffers parameters to select the type of acquisition that you want to configure,
as follows:

Snap One-shot; one buffer
Sequence One-shot; multiple buffers
Grab Continuous; one buffer

The combination of "continuous" and "one buffer"
sounds rather antithetically. Is any beta tester around there who can make sense out of this?

Thankful for any hint,
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