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Broken wires in a remote debug session of application that is running, and ...working

LV2018sp1 (can't share my code, so I apologize up front...)


I noticed some strange behavior in an app that's mostly functional and started up a remote debug session with an exe build to take a look...


I poke down to the method of interest and I notice it has three broken wires - but... the code runs... and even works in most cases (issue seems to be related to one instance and its hardware).  The arrow in the debug windows block diagram is white...  never seen this before.  I'm a bit bamboozled by it.


The broken wires are all outputs from some .net API calls in this method so I'm thinking it may be related to some kind of difference between the 3rd party resources on my development machine and the target machine...   




Any of you folks ever see something like this?  Is it because it's not a type mismatch if void isnt really a type?  This could also be a tangential goosechase and not even part of the problem I'm chasing down...

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I'm not sure exactly the cause, but I see what I think you're describing when I debug a running RT application on cRIO. I want to say in my case it's classes that are in PPLs (which are target specific - so can't directly be loaded on the desktop side from the same file) that causes this.


So in your case, some .NET magic/confusion isn't beyond the realm of possibility. I'd guess it's not the source of your problem, but it doesn't help with debugging 😕

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You were right, my issue was totally unrelated.


I found the cause, some idiot had the case for catching an element not found in an array set to 0 instead of -1.  🤦‍



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