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BridgeVIEW over multiple controllers.


We are currently running an opto 22 hardware configuration and do not
wish to change this, but we do need to change out multiplexor and
software to control out climate labs. I know that BridgeVIEW is
exemplary for control of single environments, and provides exactly the
sort of data acquisition utilities and precision we require. Our dilemma
is that we are currently running 24 climate controlled rooms
concurrently, that all need to be controlled accurately, as well as all data
from these rooms being redily accessable. Can you please tell me if
BridgeVIEW is able to concurrently run up to 30 individual controllers at
the same time? We need this security in order to ensure that all rooms
will operate as
expected for the lifetime of the software, and that nothing

bizarre will occur if more than one controller is connected at the same
time. We also need to be sure that if for some reason, one controller
does fail, that it does not remove our entire network of climate controlled

rooms as well.

We also need to run seperate controllers for CO2 emissions and
Nutrients as well as the 24 for rooms and one for data acquisition.
Please can you advise whether BridgeVIEW will meet our needs.

Your advice is much appreciated and valued.
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The nice thing about BridgeVIEW is that the HMI Wizard creates independent
while loops for each TAG. This way, it doesn't matter if data can no longer
be acquired from a specific input, therefore halting the execution of the
loop. All other loops will continue to receive and process data. You can
control and access as many controllers as you like, as long as the network
or controller board or serial interface or whatever else you are using to
access your hardware allows BV to access all inputs/outputs.
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