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Breaking a number into it's component byte

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Hey, guys.

I know about the existance of the Split Number function. But my problem is a little different. 

Let's say I have a 12 bits byte. It is something like this: 0000-1111-1111-1111 or 0FFF.

When i use the Split Number, I get 0F and FF. 

But I'm intending to have something like this: 0011-1111 + 0011-1111.

I mean, I want to break my 12bits number into a 6+6bits, not into a 4+8.

What tools should I use to have this result?


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1.  AND with 2^12-1 (12 1's) so that you know you are keeping lowest 12 bits (if you want)

2.  AND with 2^6-1 to return the lowest 6 bits

3.  Right-Shift 6 bits to return the upper 6 bits


Or use Integer quotient and remainder.


Divide by 2^6, quotient is upper, remainder is lower

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Accepted by topic author pedroseger


Just a bit if bit manipulationSmiley Wink

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