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Boolean buttons


I have an labview application with a multitude of
data entry and data monitor screens where the
operator clicks on a button(s) to indicate the
completion of the current data entry/adjustment
cycle and the next step is displayed. Most of
these are implemented in WHILE loops.

Since I am using these buttons repeatedly in the
same VI, I originally used local variables to
read the same boolean in various loops. This is
OK except that local variables do not permit the
use of a latched mechanical action. This
provides poor response in the data monitor
screens where I am continuously reading external
data and updating it on the screen. Latched
booleans are ideal for this.

Alternatively I can use different booleans for
each screen and
display/hide the buttons as the
screen changes. This permits the use of latched
mechanical action but requires a multitude of
attribute nodes and controls.

I (very) briefly considered making each screen a
separate VI but this is totally impratical.

Is there an elegant way to do this and maintain
good button response?


John Emerick

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