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Boolean Logic

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Hi there,


I have tried many different iterations of this and keep coming up short so I thought that maybe one of you wonderful LabVIEW people would be able to help me solve it.


Essentially, the input needs to be a Boolean button (switch when pressed) and the output is a simple LED indicator. When button is F, the indicator is also F. When button is T and latching, the indicator will first turn T (blink once) and then turn F for the rest of the time while the button is still set to T. Then when the button goes back to F, the indicator is also F.


Attached is one of my many failed attempts - on button T, it blinks, but blinks continuously and every third time (I believe) the button goes to F, it negates the output and throws T on the indicator.


Many thanks for any help!





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You mean something like a rising edge?

Boolean Logic.png

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There's also a built-in Boolean Crossing PtByPt VI that has the same functionality but might be a bit easier to reason about (or change direction etc):


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Yes, exactly like rising edge! I have not even considered using comparisons for this!


Very nice, thank you, clnglenn!

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That's a great VI to know about, thanks for pointing it out!

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