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Boolean Light Wont Light Up When True

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I don't know why but I can't get my light to illuminate when the correct answer is put into my VI. My VI displays a multiplication problem asks you to input the solution and then it is supposed to tell you if you got the correct answer by showing you a light that is illuminated if you got it correct. I do this all by using flat sequence cards to show each step after a number of seconds. No matter what I do the light stays off. I attached the VI. I appreciate any help.

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The terminal where the solution is entered is read right when the VI starts and then never again. (that part of the code runs in parallel to the flat sequence!) If you want the solution to be read after the 10 second wait, the terminal belongs into the last frame.


(Instead of that flat sequence, try a state machine and a toplevel while loop.)


(Also note that your problems are not truly random because edge values only have half the probability of the other values)

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