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I have a Bluetooth device (Adafruit Bluefruit LE) that is ‘seen’ by my cell phone (with an app that talks to the device), and by my Surface (shows up as ready to pair in Bluetooth settings).


But the device is not found by Bluetooth (in my own VI or the example at, and Bluetooth Open does not find it when given the address.


Any suggestions as to why the LabVIEW Bluetooth protocol VI's cannot detect this device?


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Hi Jim,


HERE is a helpful link, in getting Bluetooth set up in LabVIEW. Let me know if this helps.


All the Best,

Noah B. 

Applications Engineer

National Instruments


Noah B.
Technical Support Engineering
National Instruments
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I appreciate the response but unfortunately your URL points to information about “a USB Bluetooth device” (on the Windows computer running LabVIEW). A Bluetooth connection has two ‘ends’: the local computer hardware (as discussed by your URL) and the remote device that’s transmitting the Bluetooth RF signal.


I’m asking why the L/V Bluetooth functions cannot ‘find’ a Bluetooth remote device, one that both Windows and Android can ‘see.’

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Accepted by topic author jaustin_UF

I'm guessing your device is a Bluetooth Low Energy device based on the name. As far as I know, the built in Bluetooth VI's won't work with low energy. 


See this article,


I use the toolkit personally, haven't had any major issues with it so far

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Thanks OEM_Dev, that’s exactly the info I needed!


From the KB:

“You cannot use the built-in LabVIEW Base Development System Bluetooth primitives and VIs to communicate with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices.”


Would have saved me several days of work and angst if NI Support knew this!


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