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Bluetooth Server Client Error 59.

I have a problem regarding the Bluetooth Advanced Client/Server.
I have a Belkin USB Adapter Dongle wich seems to be working with LabVIEW, I have an NXT and LabVIEW finds it perfectly. But I can't get the to work all the way, it stoppes when I have discoverd the Server and the services (the first two tabs in the client) and returns error code 59.
I can discover other devices (+ my own bluetooth if I put the timeout = 0 ).
Are the VI:s supposed to run on the same computer? What am I doing wrong.
When does the wait for stops, how does it know when a client is tring to connect to it?
Regards Andreas
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Pleas can you send to me the vi of Advanced Bluetooth at this email


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duplicate post

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